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Any antibiotic treatment also induces changes in the normal flora of the body, both in the gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts. Violation of natural microbial balance creates favorable conditions for the excessive growth of unwanted fungi and bacteria, and consequently can lead to unpleasant symptoms in the digestive system (such as diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain) and genitourinary (itching, burning, increased vaginal discharge, urge to urinate). Disorders may also initially be asymptomatic, and neglected can lead to painful indisposition. Indisposition after antibiotic treatment is common in women, especially in the urogenital tract. Therefore, women in particular should take care to restore the microbial balance.Information resource by Kristina Tomlin.

How to prevent genital area after antibiotic treatment?

Often the body, especially the use of antibiotic weakened, is unable to adequately quickly restore damaged plants you may find more informative method to cure vaginal infections by the program review of Kristina tomlin. Therefore, simultaneously with the antibiotic recommended for beneficial lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus), commonly referred to as, for antibiotic cover. “Bacteria naturally rebuild damaged flora, thus strengthening the immune system and reduce the risk of incapacitation after antibiotic therapy. Preferably use modern probiotic, with documented activity, which contains lactic acid bacteria colonizing the gastrointestinal tract of both the urinary and genital. Contraception – Women actively coexisting not using mechanical means such as condoms, especially those with multiple partners are especially vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, or to infection chlamydia, gonorrhea, treponema pallidum (syphilis), and viruses. Based on many tests, there was no negative effect on the mechanical contraceptive vaginal pH and bacterial content of the protective flora.


Although the diabetes and endocrine these reasons seem to be funny, it has its importance during vaginal diseases. Some women (the number is growing), they lead to constant irritation intimate surroundings and thus facilitate pathogen attack the delicate lining of the vagina, in addition, more and more commonly used hormones and antibiotics that disturb microflora in the digestive system, not only, but also genitourinary tracts. Article resource by Bv Cure Review Training

Disorders of the bacterial microflora are used by pathogenic bacteria and fungi that occupy the spaces epithelia, multiply and lead to infections and unpleasant symptoms. All these factors make the current global conditions genitourinary tract affects over one billion women! They include both bacterial and fungal infections. Basic principles of feminine hygiene – It should be at least twice a day to wash the vulva area. For washing the vulva is the most convenient running water (shower and bidet). Best to use a towel intended solely for intimate. Washing and drying intimate area should be carried out from front to back to avoid transmission of infection around the anus.

Avoid frequently changed or sponges, are home to microorganisms, feminine hygiene products should be used for this purpose liquids with a pH close to the pH of the vagina (pH 5.5), in the states of exposure to intimate problems worth intimate surroundings protective coat preparation. Restrict the use of synthetic underwear and thongs. It is best to use cotton underwear. Avoid irrigation, long hot baths and frequent use tampons because they cause disturbance of the protective microflora.

Health Campaign for Women intimate is targeted to be active, aware of their needs and problems of women for whom menstruation can be a barrier to the implementation of its plans and is often the cause of discomfort and insecurity. The campaign experts explain how to maintain balance during menstruation intimate and subsequent phases of the cycle.Article posted by Bv Cure Review

They also show how to take care of your mental and physical comfort these days, including special exercises, so that we can maintain a physical form. Vaginal epithelium in healthy women inhabits different types of microorganisms. In Women most bacteria is Lactobacillus (acidophilus species, gasseri, fermentum, plantarum) rods called lactic acid. These are good for us bacteria. Provide sufficiently low vaginal pH (3,8-4,5) and thereby prevent the reproduction of the other, including pathogenic microorganisms. Some substances that produce sticks Lactobacillus eg hydrogen peroxide, bacteriocins, lactic acid or can inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria.

The sheath also contains other than the lactic acid microorganisms. These include Gardnerella vaginalis, Mycoplasma hominis, Prevotella, Peptostreptococcus , and Mobiluncus . They are usually passive and harmless. Under the influence of various factors (e.g., stress, antibiotics, hormonal changes, risky behavior) number of good – sour sticks suddenly drops and these harmful begin to multiply causing a condition called bacterial vaginosis (BV). Microbial imbalance is one cause of bacterial infection. Despite the growing body of research about these infections, ways that ultimately comes to infection are still not fully understood – hence it is difficult to treat relapses, the research shows that once traveled predisposes to infection of another.

Kyle leon scam 4U.S. scientists announced that they managed to turn body fat into a form, which burns calories and reduces body weight. This achievement was made in rodents, but experts believe that it can be replicated in humans. If successful, would have found a new way to treat obesity. As they explain in the journal ‘Cell Metabolism”, failed to alter the expression of a protein that is associated with appetite, and found that not only reduced the appetite of animals and thus their weight, but transformed the composition of body fat . In fact, there was white, turned brown – that took the form it has when we are babies and the energy requirements of the organization is to “red”.Information given by Kyle Leon Scam

The brown fat babies are the source of production of body heat, which operates by burning too many calories. As we age, brown fat gradually reduced and replaced by white, which accumulates (in principle) in the abdomen and not particularly effect. Experts believe for years that if you find a way to stimulate the production of brown fat at all ages; it will be easier to control body weight and thus provide a solution to obesity. Many scientific groups are looking for ways to achieve this, and Scientists believe that they did.

The researchers conducted their study on rats, which suppressed the function of a protein (called NPY) appetizing. When Hibernate action in the brains of animals, appetite and food intake decreased. Still, do not, and when the animals fed with high-fat foods, those took less weight than what another group of animals with functional NPY. The researchers then looked at the composition of body fat of animals and found a significant change: to what had stalled NPY, part of white fat had turned into brown fat. Scientists now hope that the same action can reach the people, injecting subcutaneously (under the skin) stem cells brown fat in order to “burn” the white fat and weight loss activated.”

grow taller review 6The easiest way for families is to use the curves of the health record that can be the way to know about the information about growth hormones. Some doctors sometimes have to use curves of different presentations but they are in principle the same references.

The growth curves of American references – They were developed by researchers followed from healthy children from birth to adulthood, either for almost 20 years for some of them. On these curves, we always notice three lines (+ 2 standard deviations, M, -2 standard deviations) and sometimes two additional lines (+ 1 SD, -1 SD) defining multiple zones or “corridors”. Article resource by Grow Taller Program Review

A birth: for size, the average is 50 cm at birth, 75 cm at the age of one year and a little over 1 m to 4 years in girls and boys. At puberty: growth then differs in both sexes during puberty. It reaches an average adult height of 175 cm for men and 163 cm for women. All four lanes located around the mean between the lines + 2 standard deviations, -2 standard deviations correspond to about 95% normal population.

To weigh and measure your child regularly thus it is desirable for families to learn to write their own points of size and weight specified by the physician on the growth curve of health records of their child. These items should be reported as precisely as possible the exact age of the child in years and months. This will allow families to identify themselves practically a disorder of growth.

grow taller review 3Can stretching exercises help me win centimeters? During puberty, stretching exercises can help increase the growth process. After puberty, stretching exercises can still help someone to correct his posture.

You’ll be surprised how many centimeters behind your back rounded. At any age, it is possible to gain 2-6 inches longer simply improving your posture. For more information on specific exercises to size, Information given by Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review

Proper breathing can affects human growth? Breathing adequately provides enough oxygen in your body to stimulate growth. Only a deep breath is effective. Shallow breathing has no effect and retards growth. How do I win centimeters through surgery?

A cosmetic lengthening the legs can be performed on people to gain a few extra inches. It is then a very complicated surgery, very expensive and very painful that requires a long recovery period. Some medical centers require their patients to psychological testing before surgery to ensure that they will support the recovery period, with the necessary positive attitude.

For more details, you can read the wikipedia article on lengthening procedures: Wikipedia: Leg Lengthening Treatments (treatment of bone lengthening). What is the size for men and women? Size depends on where you live. An average person in the Netherlands would be considered high in Japan. Is it true that the current generation is larger than the previous one?

There seems to be a link between economic growth and human scale. Asian people once thought they would remain small in nature; however it now seems that the average size in China and other Asian countries has increased significantly.

kyle leon1Indicative diet: ● First 10 days: only fruits in generous quantities ● Second 10 days: fruit and about 200 grams. Bread, 2 tablespoons butter and 3 medium corn ● Third 10 days: turkey, chicken and fish are first on the list of options. ● be careful though, should not be eaten with starchy foods (such as bread, potatoes and rice). Nutritionist Comment: Inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals-primarily iron, magnesium and zinc responsible for dizziness, fainting and intense physical fatigue. Moreover, in the first stage are presented intense diarrhea. Usually have temporary effects, so it is characterized as unsuccessful. Long term leads to obesity and neurological disorders. Phenomena such as melancholy, depression and reduced self-confidence have been seen in people who have followed for a long time. 4’s Diet Hollywood What promises: 5 pounds in 2 days we love: corn syrup sold in supermarkets. Characteristic of: diet should be stopped after 48 hours. Is a beverage consisting of corn syrup with a slightly acid taste, enriched with vitamins, minerals and trace elements; Information given by Customized Fat Loss Training

According to the manufacturers, the consumption of the beverage results in a weight loss of at least 5 kg of the first two days. The diet was created to serve the stars of Hollywood who want to quickly get rid of extra pounds for the needs of a professional activity. So, after all, got its name: “The magic 48-hour diet”; Because of the particularity of the people who apply it is still very popular today in America. Indicative diet: ● Morning: corn syrup ● Lunch: corn syrup ● Evening: corn syrup nutritionist Comment: Although effective for only two days, it is particularly dangerous for health. This is because the body lacks the necessary nutrients for proper and smooth operation.

Indeed, studies in America have shown that associated with neurological symptoms, if the “fans” of repeating it regularly. 5 Diet Scarsdale What promises: 10 pounds in 14 days. Builds: protein and vegetables, The feature: recommended great water consumption. Equally popular with the Atkins diet, especially in the 70s and 80s, Promises; indeed, that the scales will drop 10 pounds in just 14 days; Its diet, which the content of hydrocarbon does not exceed 50 grams per day. Thus, the recommended foods such as meat and nuts, while avoiding rice or milk.

Customized Fat Loss 3Attractive cortisone causes extra catabolism of muscle mass and increases the body needs protein. However, the protein must be derived from sources poor in animal fats, because the medicine sometimes causes increase of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Thus, the daily protein intake of dairy fat poor (up 2%), the whites of eggs, poultry and fish, and sometimes from lean red meat will ensure the protection of patient muscle mass without burdening both blood cholesterol. Finally, treatment with cortisone for long periods increases the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. Thus, patients receiving cortisone should consume three servings of dairy per day of low-fat (1 serving equals 1 cup of milk or 150 grams. Yoghurt or 30-40 g. Cheese low in fat and salt) and prefer calcium-enriched products trade (milk, yogurt, juices). In addition, most patients will receive calcium supplements and vitamin D to ensure bone health.

Attack Joints

If rheumatoid arthritis affects the joints in the jaw and difficulty chewing, the composition of the diet of the patient should be amended accordingly (e.g. pureed foods or mashed form) and even under the guidance of a dietician, It is worth noting that many times patients with rheumatoid arthritis seek relief of their symptoms through the consumption of nutritional supplements e.g. fish oil supplements gamma or application diets that exclude whole food groups, which according to some increase inflammation in the body. However, to date research data do not justify such practices, which may be lurking and risks for the individual patient. Information given by Customized Fat Loss

Systemic Lupus

General dietary guidelines for the treatment of patients with systemic lupus, there and diet of each patient must be adapted to your needs, taking into account the consequences of illness and medication in organ function and metabolism of nutrients.
During the nutritional management of patients must be considered:

1. The use of cortisone in systemic lupus is long and often in large doses.
2. Usually manifested by increased concentrations of triglycerides and low concentrations HDL (good) cholesterol.
3. The possible infection of the kidneys, which is manifested by a decrease in renal function, hypertension and concomitant loss of protein in the urine.

Possible side effects of corticosteroid therapy and dietary manipulations required are described in Table.     If the disturbed lipid profile and increased triglycerides, the patient should be aware that the factors that worsen triglyceride levels, higher animal (saturated) fat diet (fresh butter, cream, mayonnaise, bacon, visible fat pork / beef, poultry skin, sweet and ready confectionery trade, full-fat dairy products), increased consumption of simple carbohydrates (sugar, honey, etc.) and food containing them, a systematic and increased alcohol consumption and increased body weight and abdominal fat in particular.

Thus avoiding foods containing animal fat and simple carbohydrates, abstinence from alcohol, a gradual decrease in body weight, and weekly fish intake and daily intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains will improve levels of triglycerides, while regular exercise is important to reduce triglycerides and increase HDL. Finally, if the wolf attacks the kidneys, the diet must be adapted, mainly by reducing the salt and protein diet. The diet should ideally be carried out by an experienced dietitian because at least for protein intake is necessary to ensure the ideal amount will not cause renal function, but that will not cause other problems in the body such as muscle catabolism.”

Kyle Leon customized fat loss5Anyone who is dieting to lose weight knows how difficult it is – not only to lessen the weight on the scales, but not increasing just stop. The good news is that there are a few tricks that can help. Two glasses of water before you eat: this is the latest trick for successful weight loss, which was only announced on Monday at the American Chemical Society and promises to increase weight loss with diet by 30%. The finding comes from a study of the Technological University of Virginia, based on volunteers aged 45 years and evinces even if someone stopped the diet. As said at the conference, A Researcher in the Department of Human Nutrition, Food & Exercise of the university, the study volunteers that followed a mild weight loss program with a few extra fats and drank two glasses of water before each main meal (even breakfast) lost within 12 weeks 7 pounds. In contrast, another group of volunteers who made the same diet but drank water lost 5 pounds – a difference of nearly 30%. After a time, volunteers who continued to drink two glasses of water before eating them even lost one pound, although they stopped the diet – imagine that and to continue!Article posted by Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Scam

This is not unique slimming “trick” that has uncovered medical research. Not long ago, the American Newspaper Daily Mail published some more. To what:

-Replace whole milk with low fat. Not only contain half the calories, and more calcium and phosphorus which stimulate decomposition of fat in body cells.
– Do not strain the fresh fruit juice. The pieces of fruit is fiber, which will make you feel fuller for longer
– To put paprika in your food. It contains abundant vitamin C, which helps the body convert fat into energy.
– Do you eat hot peppers, containing capsaicin (the chemical that gives them their distinct flavor) which increases by 25% in metabolic rate;
– Do you put vinegar in your salads, Contains acetic acid, which speeds up the metabolic rate,
– Eat a little protein as a snack (e.g. a slice of brown bread with a little boiled chicken breast). Studies show that in this way one has 30% more likely to be weakened.
– Do you put soy sauce in your food; Studies suggest that soybean proteins interact with brain receptors that activate satiety hunger.
– Eat melon and then a choker egg (unless there are health reasons to avoid). It’s the perfect breakfast for burning fat.
– Drink a glass of red wine a day. Prevents the accumulation of fat, particularly in the abdominal area, thanks to the substance, it contains.
– Eat pomegranates. Containing oils which reduce the body fat storage, it is also so sweet that satisfy the craving for a goody.
– Eat meat grilled, after the first marinate in rosemary or marinade with lemon, garlic and onion. By baking loses many fats, while marinating reduced to 90% harmful toxic substances (called heterocyclic amines) that develops due baking.
– Eat spinach. It contains twice as much fiber than most other green vegetables, leading to satiate better and helps the body process fats more efficiently.
– Change the cheese to eat with late versions. Goat cheese e.g. contains; up to 40% fewer calories than cow.
– Eat a few lentils with your food. If you do it twice a day, you can lose up to 7 pounds in ten weeks, because they contain large amounts of the amino acid, which helps to burn fat.
– Eat “good” fats to burn fat. The fats found in olive oil and nuts are what you need – and also protect heart health.
– Eat breakfast. Those starting their day with a good breakfast, consume on average 100 calories less per day.
– Eat an apple 15 minutes before your meal. Will consume almost 190 calories less with the main meal,
– To put some olive oil in your salad. Contains beneficial fatty inducing a protein, which in turn activates the satiety hunger, so, you eat less.

– To add tomatoes to your sandwich. They will help you feel fuller longer, so that will limit snacking. Tomatoes suppress the hormone, which is responsible for the feeling of hunger.
– Eat pineapple. Not only is it a wonderful snack to boost your metabolism, but it contains substances that help break down proteins.
– Sprinkle yogurt with cinnamon. Studies have shown that cinnamon profoundly stimulates metabolism. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon coffee a day will help you lose a pound a month.
– Drink a daily glass of carrot juice. It will help you to lose 2 pounds in 12 weeks, because it contains plenty of fiber and nutrients that help to burn fat.
– Do not completely avoid red meat (except, of course, and if appropriate health). Red meat contains many proteins that help maintain muscle mass – muscle and burn calories with fourfold speed than what your body fat. Just make sure to be lean and roasted or boiled.
– Drink green tea and coffee. Green tea contains substances that interact with caffeine and a 20% stimulating fat oxidation and metabolism at rest.

Ally gymnastics

– Exercise early in the morning before eating breakfast to burn fat faster. It will also force your body to use stored body fat as an energy source, thereby slim down faster.
– Make corridor. If you go to the gym, the treadmill is the best machine for many cremations in the shortest time.
– Walk after exercise, to continue to operate the bodily enzymes that break down body fat. Immobility inactivates these enzymes, while the operation of the triggers.
– Exercise with friends. This way you will lose 35% more weight than it would be if you work out on your own. The company is a strong incentive for continued training – and a bit of encouragement we all need to continue.”

Kyle Leon customized fat loss3The calories should be obtained from a balanced diet, which consists of 3 full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks in between. 10 tips to lose weight. Tips given by Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss

1. Consume plenty of water and fluids. Try to limit your consumption of beverages high in sugar and calories that you do not offer nutrients

2. Choose healthy snacks to “tame” your hunger. Good choices are raisins, unsalted popcorn, rye crackers and nuts

3. Prefer lean meats such as chicken, turkey, fish and lean beef

4. Eat whole grains (wholegrain bread, rice paddy, macaroni total) instead of processed products

5. Do not over-consumer products listed on labels as lean or light

6. To increase your physical activity and if this is allowed by your doctor, start some exercise

7. Resist ready and junk food (fast food)

8. Keep in mind that when you are breastfeeding ‘burns’ fat from the depots of the mother

9. Try to sleep well

10. It is advisable to seek the help of a graduate dietitian

1.800 Kcal diet for woman breastfeeds


· 1 cup skim milk or 1 yogurt

· 30 grams of muesli or 1 slice whole wheat bread or 1 slice of plain cake or 3 whole-wheat crackers

· 5 walnuts (optional) or 1 teaspoon soft vegetable margarine on toast (or bread) 1 fruit;


· 2 fruit or 1 cup of fruit juice


· 90 grams, fish cooked (not fried) or chicken or beef or 1 egg and 60 grams. Low fat cheese or 2 eggs and 30 grams, Cheese,

· 1 cup of pasta or rice or 1 ½ cup legumes or 3 boiled potatoes (or baked)

· Seasonal salad (raw or boiled) with 1 tablespoon of olive oil (equivalent to 3 teaspoons)


· 1 nonfat yogurt or 1 cup milk

· 1 medium fruit


· 90 grams, fish cooked (not fried) or chicken or beef or 1 egg and 60 grams. Low fat cheese or 2 eggs and 30 grams, cheese,

· 1 cup of pasta or rice or 1 ½ cup legumes or 3 potatoes boiled or baked

· Seasonal salad (raw or boiled) with 1 tablespoon of olive oil or 2 teaspoons olive oil and 5


· 1 nonfat yogurt or 1 pot. Milk

· 2 toasts or 30 grams. Cereals

· 1 medium fruit Diet 1.400 Kcal for woman who breastfeeds BREAKFAST

· 1 cup skim milk or 1 yogurt 2%

· 30 grams, muesli or 1 slice whole wheat bread and 2 tablespoons honey or 2 whole-wheat crackers or ½ whole wheat bun Thessaloniki

SNACK: 1 fruit; LUNCH

· 1/2 cup of pasta or rice or 1 ½ cup of beans and 2 tablespoons of grated cheese or 30 g. feta cheeses, (1 matchbox)

· 120 grams, cooked chicken or turkey (not fried) or beef or fish

· Seasonal salad (raw or boiled) with 2 teaspoons olive oil

AFTERNOON: 1 fruit;


· Seasonal salad (raw or boiled), 30 lines. Cheese and 1 tablespoon olive oil (or 2 teaspoons olive oil and 5) and 1 slice whole wheat bread

· 1 toast (whole grain bread, turkey and low fat cheese) + 1 fruit,”